2021 - 2022 Council Members

First Name Last Name Discipline Area Term Email Department
Monica Haddad Arts & Humanities, Chair 2021-2024 Community & Regional Planning
GretchenMosherBiological & Agricultural Sciences2022-2025gamosher@iastate.eduAgricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Michael Brown Social Sciences & Education 2020-2023 Education
Petruta Caragea Physical & Math Sciences & Engineering 2022-2025 Statistics
Chunhui Xiang Social Sciences & Education 2021-2024
Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management
Steven Lonergan Biological & Agricultural Sciences 2020-2023 Animal Science




Arts & Humanities




Art and Visual Culture

Carolyn Cutrona Social Sciences & Education 2022-2025 Psychology
Michael Bailey Arts & Humanities 2020-2023 History
Donna Winham Biological & Agricultural Sciences 2020-2023  Food Science and Human Nutrition
Iddo Friedberg Biological & Agricultural Sciences 2022-2025
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Degang Chen Physical & Math Sciences & Engineering 2021-2024 Electrical and Computer Engineering



Biological & Agricultural Sciences



Jin Tian Physical & Math Sciences & Engineering 2022-2025 Computer Science
Amanda Weinstein Physical & Math Sciences & Engineering 2021-2024
Physics and Astronomy

Faculty Senate Representative 2022-2023    
    Post Doc 2022-2023  
Post Doc 2022-2023  

Grad Student 2022-2023    

Grad Student -GPSS President 2022-2023

  Grad Student  2022-2023    

  Grad Student 2022-2023    


First Name Last Name Position Department Email
Bill Graves Dean of the Graduate College Graduate College
Michelle Soupir Interim Associate Dean of the Graduate College Graduate College
Natalie Robinson Assistant Director of Student & Faculty Services Graduate College
Samantha Hirschman Graduate Student Services Specialist Graduate College

Executive Committee

First Name Last Name Discipline Area Department Email Notes
DeanAdamsBiological & Agricultural SciencesEcology, Evolution & Organismal Biologydcadams@iastate.edu2021-2022 Chair
BethanyGrayArts &

2019-2020 Chair

2020-2021 Chair

Pamela Riney-Kehrberg Arts & Humanities History 2018-2019 Chair
StevenLonerganBiological & Agricultural SciencesAnimal Scienceslonerga@iastate.edu2017-2018 Chair
Deb Marquart Arts & Humanities English 2016-2017 Chair
Ken Moore Biological & Agricultural Sciences Agronomy 2015-2016 Chair
Gary Munkvold Biological & Agricultural Sciences Plant Pathology and Microbiology 2014-2015 Chair